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invisible revolution

The potential of Nanomedicine for disease diagnostics and treatment is well recognised and already established. Nanomedicine has already provided promising solutions for different medical problems that have reached the industrial pipelines and the patients in form of products in the last years.

The introduction of nanotechnologies into medical applications requires different Nanomedicine stakeholders to understand and apply the process of open innovation, which is essential for translation to the clinics.

Management and combination of innovative cross-cutting Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and how these transform and translate into new and innovative medical products, are essential to help patients.

Nano4P aims to develop material science and nanotechnology-based highly precise tools for the detection and tailored treatment of diseases, based on the unique characteristics of each person and taking advantage of stratification and molecular-level information.

In this way, the paradigm shift that is already becoming visible in the healthcare system, will definitively enable to move from traditional treatment of diseases by existing drugs/tools, towards a predictive, preventive, precise and participatory (4Ps) medicine.

This will directly impact on the future economic growth, competitiveness and innovation in the European healthcare system.

Nano4P major focus will be to develop and bring up improvements in R&D excellence in the following fields:

I — Innovative diagnostics, Medical instruments and Imaging Tools
II — Therapeutics, Prosthetics and other Disruptive Technologies
III — Regenerative Medicine and Smart Materials

To get the expected outcomes, the collaboration of a large number of different scientific disciplines, industries, public regulatory agencies and nanosafety agents is mandatory.

Hence, within the Nano4P initiative, the different stakeholdes will co-ordinate to foster an integrative approach aiming to improve and accelerate the translation of advanced personalised nanomedical research into products.

Nano4P is the response to the EU call FET-Flagships: “Tackling grand interdisciplinary science and technology challenges”. If you believe that Precision Nanomedicine is the right field to ‘become a game changer’ in impacts on economy and society, benefitting European citizens and paving the way for global technological and industrial leadership in the Health and Life Science area, You are welcome: support this initiative to make it a reality!

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